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My 2020 Wrap Up

I used to cringe when sharing these numbers, zaman. They were never good enough because they're not the highest in the world, and even then, I bet that won't be high enough.

Competitively, I became fixated on the #numbers and lost sight of the عمار that screamed "At darker times, I got to rhyme" on BeLeaf.

The عمار that said, "Am I a firm believer.. Born just to follow? Or will I be a leader.. a Revolutionary model?" on Out of Bounds.

#2020 was a backhanded slap of perspective. The pull-back was inevitable and somewhat necessary. I had to burn down to rise from the ashes and face اللي فيه next (see what I did there? #Phoenix haha).

I'm still learning every day, but one thing I can tell you for sure is, my soul search has been fruitful. I found myself in @mvsrimission and the genuine family that grows around it day by day.

I'm not an entertainer, and I'm not here for anyone's amusement, nor am I here to prove anything anymore. I can rap about rapping any day of the week, in all humility and gratitude. I still spar for fun, and the @brij.ent TentSessions have been the perfect place for that for me. @Saud, keep that up for our sake, please, haha!

For me, this started in 10th grade (2007) with my brother @sopotent_ (before his superpower kicked in, and he started rapping as well, haha), showing me Shady records and G-Unit for the first time.

My story is nothing like yours, and your account is nothing like mine. I'm a writer above all. I started writing real-life shit to cope, and real-life shit it shall remain.


On a less intense but equally genuine note, I'm so grateful to each and every single person who listened this year. You pushed us forward and upwards despite the dip I took musically. That's some family shit. I promise you from here on, you will get back your human عمار in all his glory, Ws, flaws and Ls.

I'm thankful for the 5 people who have me on their top artists; if you see this, make yourself known, please and reach out to me today, before tomorrow!

I'm grateful for every collaborator on that list and more. You guys inspire me more than you know, and I will always give you that credit.

To wrap up myself, I'm #writing again.

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